Special Issue on Governance

Special Issue on Governance

A Rally for Honor: Statement from David W. Breneman, David Breneman, Senior Dean for Academic Affairs at Batten School of Leadership Public Policy

Virginia – The Idea of a University, Robert G. Marshall, Virginia State Delegate

Eighteen Days of Hurt and Moving Forward, Dorrie K. Fontaine, Dean of UVA School of Nursing

UVA and the Crisis in Higher Education, David J. Toscano, Virginia State Delegate

Beyond Philosophical Differences: Governance at the University of Virginia, Pamela D. Tucker, Professor of Education at the Curry School of Education and Jason S. Jones, Ph.D. Candidate at the Curry School of Education

The Board of Visitors and Shared Governance, Brett A. McCully, UVA Student

The Role of Alumni in the University’s Actions, C. Thomas Faulders, CEO of UVA Alumni Association

Student Media: A Force for Good Governance, Matthew Cameron, Editor-in-Chief of The Cavalier Daily

The Spirit of Honor, Stephen Nash, UVA Honor Committee Chairman

A Legislative Proposal for Higher Education in Virginia, Creigh Deeds, Virginia State Senator

A Compact for the University of Virginia, Ray Scheppach, Professor of Practice at Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy