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Fall/Winter Issue Released

The Virginia Policy Review is pleased to announce the release of our latest issue Fall/Winter issue following the Special Edition on Governance that was released last semester.

This Fall/Winter issue focuses on widely debated topics including pieces on policy protections for domestic violence victimseffective taxation to prevent obesity, and appropriate regulation of U.S. financial markets. The winter issue also features a graduate research piece by Tara Clark, which examines the effectiveness of federal “Empowerment Zones” that are intended to revitalize economically challenged cities across the United States. Policymakers are prioritizing these issues and the Virginia Policy Review is pleased to contribute to the debate. Additionally, this issue also sheds new light on lingering policy debates, such as statehood for the District of Columbia and the use of financial regulations in foreign policy.  The recommendations proposed by our authors offer insightful policy solutions prime for consideration by lawmakers.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed working with our authors to inform the policy debate.



Addie Bryant

Editor-in-Chief, Virginia Policy Review